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License for alcohol and tobacco

The license for the retail trade in alcohol and tobacco is a permissive document that entitles the business entity to carry out the retail sale of alcoholic beverages and/or tobacco products in the specified commercial premises.

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According to the Law of Ukraine on licensing of types of economic activity, wholesale and retail trade of tobacco and alcohol products is a licensed activity, which involves making an entry in the unified state register of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and public formations on the decision of the licensing authority regarding the presence of a business entity the right to carry out a certain type of economic activity.

A business entity that intends to obtain a license, must meet certain requirements, in particular to have a relevant KVED on the implementation of those activities, to have a registered cash register, the room in which activities will be carried out should be not less than 20 square meters, and the like.

How much does an alcohol license cost?

The official cost of the license (the fee that is paid to the c/a of the state Treasury) is:
  • 8000 UAH/year for cities (or 2000 UAH quarterly)
  • 500 UAH/year for villages and towns

If you are a beginner entrepreneur or an experienced store owner, you can confidently entrust your business to the lawyers of "ARTEN" and we will help you get all the necessary licenses.

List of documents
required to obtain a license for alcohol in Ukraine

# Document Provides client Provides client Prepares the client Prepared by our lawyers Prepared by our lawyers We
1 Statement
2 Documents confirming the lease, ownership of the premises where the trade will be carried out *
3 Document confirming the registration of the cash register (PPO)
4 Photo of the room (inside and outside)
5 Fee Receipt
6 Extract from the EPF or legal entity
7 Information about the type of tax system (General or simplified)
8 Power of attorney to represent interests from FOP or legal entity
* If the sole proprietorship or legal entity carries out economic activity not in the place of registration, it is necessary to inform The state tax Inspectorate (GNI) about carrying out business activity not in the place of registration.

The cost of legal services at registration
License for the retail sale of alcoholic and tobacco:

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Cost of service 1500 UAH
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License for alcohol in Ukraine