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Wide experience

We have considerable experience in the legal services market, including the public authorities.


Narrow specialization

We specialize in a narrow range of legal services, which allows us to provide them at a high level.


Flexible pricing policy

The cost of legal services is formed individually, based on the complexity of the problem being addressed.


Free legal advice

Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions and consult for free.

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Our services

This is not a complete list of services
offered by our legal team.

Временный вид на жительство в Украине

Registration of temporary residence permit

Temporary residence permit is a confirmation of the legal temporary residence of foreign citizens on the territory of Ukraine.

Постоянный вид на жительство в Украине

Making a permanent residence permit

Permanent residence permit is issued to foreign citizens who enter Ukraine to permanent residence (permanent residence).

Гражданство Украины

Obtaining citizenship of Ukraine

Obtaining the citizenship of Ukraine is one of the main and, at the same time, the most difficult ways in legalizing the legalization of foreign citizens on the territory of Ukraine.

Приглашение в Украину

Invitation to Ukraine for a foreigner

Invitation to Ukraine - is a document that allows foreigners to obtain a visa abroad for visiting Ukraine.

Получение разрешения на работу

Obtaining a work permit in Ukraine

We will provide legal assistance in obtaining for the first time and extending the work permit for foreigners in Ukraine.

Получение паспорта в Украине

Getting a passport in Ukraine

Here you can get full legal support and issue the passport of Ukraine (ID-passport) for the first time.

Выезд на ПМЖ из Украины

Execution of documents for departure from Ukraine for permanent residence

At the end of the procedure for issuing documents for permanent residence abroad, a citizen of Ukraine receives permission to emigrate from Ukraine.

Справка о несудимости

Clean record certificate

Clean record certificate is a document that contains information about the presence or absence of a criminal record in Ukraine.

About Us

ARTEN Law Firm works to protect your interests
and solve your problems.

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The company more than 6 years successfully provides services in the legal market. Company lawyers have significant experience in a variety of structures, including in the banking sector, as well as in law enforcement.

Despite having considerable experience of lawyers of our Company in a variety of ways, in particular, economic, family, land, criminal law, we have decided to opt for a few areas of services, to bring them to perfection to provide:
  • services in the field of tax law;
  • services in the field of migration law.
Our company provides services in Kiev. Some services in the field of immigration law, we are able to provide customers as of the Kiev region.
Methods of payment: cash and cashless payments. Form of payment established by agreement with the Customer and specified in the contract for the provision of legal services.
The Law Group services includes: legal advice on a specific issue and full process support in all necessary instances to obtain the desired result.
The company provides services to all foreign citizens, without exception. Employees speak English and Italian languages, that allows you to remove the language barrier in communicating with customers.

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