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Legalization of documents in Ukraine

Legalization procedure, giving legal force to documents outside of Ukraine.

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The legalization of documents in Ukraine is one of the ways to confirm signature, seal or stamp of the person who signed and gave You the document for further use in official bodies of other countries. Countries such as : UAE Saudi Arabia Libya Kuwait China (except Macau and Hong Kong), Costa Rica Canada Sri Lanka Iraq Egypt Palestine Uruguay Chile, Qatar.

For each country, there is a special legalization, which You can check with our lawyers.

There are documents that cannot be legalized:
  • Passport
  • Driver's license
  • Employment record
  • Military tickets
  • Features
  • ID
  • Union cards

The list of necessary documents for legalization :
  • Notarized power of attorney for our employees
  • Copy of passport of Ukraine
  • Copy of passport
  • Original document

Prices and deadlines

Ministry of Justice

Date of execution 1 w.d. 249 UAH.
The deadline is 2 w.d. 199 UAH.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

For individuals (2 w.d.) 209 UAH.
For individuals (5 w.d.) 189 UAH.
For legal entities (2 w.d.) 450 UAH.
For legal entities (5 w.d.) 209 UAH.
* Legal persons should submit the letter the request to the consular legalization

the Department of justice

The deadline is 2 p. d. 199 UAH.
The deadline is 5 p. d. 99 UAH.
* Consular fees at the embassies are paid separately

We guarantee You received the result of Our services will meet Your expectations and legal requirements at 100%.

Specialist for the legalization of documents

Legalization of documents in Ukraine