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Migration lawyer

Appeal against decisions of the State Migration Service and other public authorities. Representation by a migration lawyer.

Profile Migration Lawyers
Experience of more than 5 years in the relevant field
Individual approach to each case
from 2 w.d.
from 500 UAH
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Appeal against decisions of the state migration service and other public authorities.

Every person (citizen, alien, refugee or stateless person) has the right to protect their legal rights and interests. Protection of personal property and non-property rights can occur both administratively and in court. Unfortunately, in the field of migration law, we are increasingly faced with illegal decisions of state bodies, unjustified refusals to process and issue documents, violations of the terms of consideration of cases and violations of fundamental human and civil rights by conducting statutory checks and requests. Each such controversial individual decision of a state body is fateful for a particular person.

Often the results of refusals are the inability to re-submit documents within 1 year, the expulsion of foreigners from Ukraine, the inability to obtain documents confirming the identity or its special status. The statistics of such decisions are only growing today. However, everyone should understand that even if You are not a citizen of Ukraine, You have the right to protect yourself and your interests and should use it.

Representation of interests by a migration lawyer

If you believe that you have been illegally denied a permit to immigrate to Ukraine, canceled the decision to issue a temporary/permanent residence permit in Ukraine, violated the terms of consideration of the application for registration of Ukrainian citizenship or other documents, our experienced migration lawyers and migration lawyers are ready to help you.

    ARTEN law company is:
  • experience – our lawyers from migration practice and migration lawyers successfully work in the field of migration law for more than 5 years and know all the nuances and specifics of the process better than non-core lawyers;
  • knowledge – all of us are graduates of the best law schools in Ukraine to reliably stand on the protection of Your rights and interests;
  • practice – we have passed all stages of registration of the relevant documents with our clients, so we are confident in our abilities;
  • communication – we communicate in foreign languages for your convenience and full understanding of our clients;
  • individuality - for us there are no templates and typical cases, so we carefully study all the circumstances of the case and find the best way to solve it;
  • success - the combination of all our strengths allows us to adequately assess the case and be confident in the result of its decision.

ARTEN Law firm is always on the protection of Your interests.

Prices and terms

Assistance of a lawyer in appealing decisions, actions or omissions of a public authority:

# Service Cost Cost Cost Term Term Term
1 Migration case analysis from 500 UAH* 2-3 w. d.
2 Request for information from 1000 UAH* 3 w. d.
3 Lawyer request from 2500 UAH* 5 w. d.
4 Complaint from 1000 UAH* 3 w. d.
5 Drafting a statement of claim from 4500 UAH* 7-10 w. d.
6 Legal assistance of a lawyer in a court session from 700 UAH / court session*
7 Lawyer's Participation in court session from 1500 UAH / court session*
* The cost can be changed depending on the complexity of the case.
We guarantee that the result of Our services received by You will meet Your expectations and legal requirements.

Migration lawyer

Migration lawyer