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Personal documents

Pasting a photo in the passport of a citizen of Ukraine

Help you quickly and without queues paste photo in passport achievement 25, 45.

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Obtaining a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for the first time

With us, You can get full legal support and issue passport of Ukraine (ID-passport) for the first time.

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Replacement of passport of citizen of Ukraine

Arten law firm will help You replace passport by changing the name, in case of unsuitability for use quickly and without problems.

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Obtaining identification code

Get the ID number can be a citizen of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons.

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Driving license

Obtaining driving license: first time, replacing, restoring. International driving permit. Technical Passport for the car.

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Seaman's passport (receipt, extension, BZHS, service record)

Registration and renewal of seafarer's identity document (seafarer's passports ). the Certificate BZHS. seaman's Track record.

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Certificate of resettlement (immigrant status)

Registration of the migrant's reference and
obtaining the status of the internal migrant.

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Reclamation of documents in the Ministry of Justice

Arten’s lawyers will help you to get: Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Name Change Certificate, Death Certificate, and to duplicate or extract these documents quickly and no problem.

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ID card (also ID passport, plastic Passport Ukraine)

– these are the concepts introduced by the law of Ukraine "On the unified state demographic register", the so-called new passports in Ukraine, which are issued with the help of a new information base and are made in the form of plastic cards (not to be confused with biometric passports for traveling abroad, which are a book and do not replace the internal passport, and are used only for foreign trips), which are entered all personal information about the person – name, photo, date and place of birth, TIN, fingerprints and electronic signature. Registration on the ID card itself is not visible, it is registered in the database and is replaceable information.

Passport of Ukraine in the form of ID card – this is the only version of the internal passport, which is now issued by the State migration service of Ukraine. Obtaining an old-style passport in the form of a passport book on religious beliefs is possible only in individual court.

ID passport Ukraine how to get?

The passport of the citizen of Ukraine is possible from the age of 14. You can also get a passport of Ukraine if the lost passport, or it must be replaced.

Passport of Ukraine 14 years

Obtaining a passport for the first time takes up to 20 working days. It is impossible to issue an internal passport of Ukraine urgently in this case.

Passport documents Ukraine:
  • Internal passport of Ukraine mom and dad
  • Child identification number
  • Registration certificate (form 13)

Passport replacement Ukraine

The new passport of Ukraine in the form of ID-passport of Ukraine can be received in connection with change of a surname, a name, in connection with damage passport, achievement of 25-and or 45-and summer age or at own will. ID card in Kiev can be issued in 10 or 20 working days. ID passport can be obtained only by its owner. It is impossible to make an ID passport by proxy or in any other way without the presence of a person, as when submitting and receiving an ID card Ukraine must be fingerprinted.

Passport recovery

What should I do if I lost my passport? If You have lost your passport, first You need to get a document about the loss of your passport in order for this fact to be legally recorded. If You yourself have lost your passport, You can issue a report on the loss of a passport in the Central Office at the place of your residence.

If the passport was stolen, it is better to contact the police at the place of the theft or at your place of residence and get the appropriate conclusion from the police. Also, the registration of the passport of Ukraine in case of loss will require You to have a certificate of registration (form 13) and a copy of the lost passport. The list of additional documents You will be able to see to Restore the Passport of Ukraine, Kyiv.

You can contact the company Arten by phone numbers listed in the section contacts on all matters relating to how to make a passport to Kiev, get a new Ukrainian passport, what documents are needed to obtain a passport, registration of residence, registration of a driver's license and a seaman's passport and many others.