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Obtaining identification code

Get the ID number can be a citizen of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons.

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Get the ID number can be a citizen of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons. ID number is required to enable a person has committed a number of actions, including:
  • transactions by a notary (including purchase / sale of real estate or cars on the territory of Ukraine);
  • banking operations (opening a bank account.);
  • design work;
  • the opening of a legal entity or an entrepreneur registration;
  • admission to an educational institution, and others.

With the legalization of foreigners in Ukraine, we recommend immediately receive an identification number, as sooner or later the need for this may be the most unexpected moment.

How to obtain an identification code

Obtaining an identification number for a foreigner is possible in the event of his stay on the territory of Ukraine at the time of receipt, and in his absence in Ukraine. In the second case, to obtain the identification number required power of attorney for our employee's name.

Often employers are interested in the question about the possibility of obtaining permission for foreigner employment prior to his arrival in Ukraine and possible difficulties with the paperwork in connection with the absence of a foreigner (including obtaining an identification number). If there is a power of attorney from a foreigner (which may be issued, in particular, abroad and transferred to Ukraine) all activities related to the employment of foreigners in Ukraine (including obtaining an identification number), you can perform up to his arrival in Ukraine.

The list of documents,
required to obtain an identification code

# Document Provides client Provides client Provides client Prepare our lawyers Prepare our lawyers We
1 translation of the first page of the passport with personal data of a foreigner / stateless person (notarized);
2 power of attorney

Prices and terms

Cost of a standard procedure (3-4 w.d.) 1650 UAH
Expedited procedure cost (2 w.d.) 1950 UAH
Emergency clearance cost (1 w.d.) 2700 UAH
We ensure that you received the results of our services will meet your expectations and legislative requirements by 100%.

Specialist in registration of identification code

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