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Obtaining citizenship of Ukraine

Foreigners, as well as stateless persons who do not have grounds for acquiring Ukrainian citizenship by right of blood, or by right of territorial origin, can obtain Ukrainian citizenship.

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What are the grounds for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine provided by the legislation of Ukraine?

Article 9 Of the law of Ukraine "on citizenship" provides the following grounds for the admission of foreigners and stateless persons to the citizenship of Ukraine:
  • Staying married to a citizen of Ukraine for more than 2 years;
  • Residence on the territory of Ukraine on the basis of a permanent residence permit for at least 5 years;
  • Legal residence on the territory of Ukraine for at least 3 years in the status of a refugee or a person who is granted asylum in Ukraine;
  • Residence on the territory of Ukraine not less than 3 years in the status of stateless persons;
  • Military service under the contract in the Armed forces of Ukraine.

Foreigners who have grounds for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine must comply with the following conditions and requirements:
  • Comply with the Constitution of Ukraine, as well as the laws of Ukraine;
  • Submit Declaration of absence of foreign citizenship;
  • Get a permit for immigration to Ukraine (permanent residence);
  • Master the Ukrainian language at a conversational level;
  • Have a legal means of existence in Ukraine in the amount of not less than 12 minimum wages.

The procedure for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine consists of many stages and thorough inspections of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. Documents for the procedure of taking the citizenship of Ukraine are submitted to the bodies of the migration service of Ukraine at the place of registration. The decision to grant Ukrainian citizenship is taken by a special Commission established under the President of Ukraine. Citizenship of Ukraine is possible only after the issuance of the relevant decree by the President of Ukraine.

List of grounds for refusal to obtain Ukrainian citizenship

Bodies of the state migration service of Ukraine refuse to accept citizenship of Ukraine to persons who:
  • Convicted in Ukraine to imprisonment for committing a serious or particularly serious crime (to maturity, or removal of conviction).
  • Committed a crime against humanity or committed genocide.
  • Committed in the territory of another state action that is recognized by the legislation of Ukraine as heavy or especially heavy.
  • Did not fulfill the grounds for taking the citizenship of Ukraine.
  • The documents did not meet the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine.

The cost of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship depends on the specific individual situation of the client and the grounds for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship. Specialists of ARTEN law Company will provide qualitative advice and analyze Your history for the adoption of Ukrainian citizenship.

Documents required to obtain Ukrainian citizenship

# Document Provides client Provides client Prepares client Prepared by our lawyers Prepared by our lawyers We
1 Statement
2 Photos 35 x 45 mm (2 PCs.)
3 One of the following documents:
— Declaration on absence of foreign citizenship, for stateless persons;
— obligation to terminate foreign citizenship - for foreigners (except some exceptions);
— the application for change of citizenship for foreigners who are citizens of States, international treaties of Ukraine which provide for the termination of citizenship of persons of these States simultaneously with the acquisition of citizenship of Ukraine;
4 One of the documents:
— the document confirming continuous residence of a person lawfully on the territory of Ukraine during the last five years for persons who entered Ukraine by a foreigner (copy of passport);
— the Document confirming continuous residence of a person lawfully on the territory of Ukraine during three years from the date of entry to Ukraine, together with a document confirming that the person entered Ukraine by persons without citizenship - for persons who entered Ukraine as stateless (copy of the passport of the citizen of the former USSR of the sample of 1974, or a copy of the travel document of a stateless person, or a copy of the identity without citizenship for travel abroad);
5 One of the documents:
& mdash; copy of the document confirming the receipt of the immigration permit to Ukraine;
— copy of the passport of the citizen of the former USSR of the sample of 1974 with a mark about residence permit on the territory of Ukraine or foreigners or persons without citizenship who arrived in Ukraine for permanent residence before the entry into force of the law of Ukraine "On immigration", - copy of the residence permit;
6 One of the documents:
— the document certifying knowledge of the state language or its understanding in volume, sufficient for communication, which is issued in Ukraine the head of the school, the local organ of Executive power of Ukraine or the Executive authority of local government;
— copy of certificate or extract from the transcripts of statements of diploma to persons having a document about the termination of educational institutions with study of the Ukrainian language;
— the document confirming the disability, for persons with disabilities ;
7 Document on the existence of legal sources of existence for the last six months at the time of application for citizenship of Ukraine.

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