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Answers to popular questions

Our company provides services in Kiev. Some services in the field of immigration law, we are able to provide customers as of the Kiev region.
Methods of payment: cash and cashless payments. Form of payment established by agreement with the Customer and specified in the contract for the provision of legal services.
The Law Group services includes: legal advice on a specific issue and full process support in all necessary instances to obtain the desired result.

Before the start of the service with the client setting out all the issues that relate to the order of legal services (in particular, in stages, the price and terms).

In practice, there are cases when the customer is interested in accelerating the provision of services for a number of reasons (the end of the visa-free stay on the territory of Ukraine, the expiry of the temporary residence permit, the term of the work permit, etc.). In such cases, the Client stipulates the possibility of providing services to the acceleration of the timing.
The company provides services to all foreign citizens, without exception. Employees speak English and Italian languages, that allows you to remove the language barrier in communicating with customers.
No. The permit for the employment of foreigners contains the information about the position for which the foreigner is accepted. If you change the position of a foreigner in the enterprise, there is a need in the design of the new work permit indicating the new position.
Yes, a list of documents that must be submitted by the applicant to the bodies of the GMR Ukraine, depending on the country, which goes to the permanent citizen of Ukraine. Accordingly, in addition to the mandatory for all applicants, the document list, this list can be added.

Some procedures involve the presence of the Client when submitting / receiving documents for services in the field of migration. For example, when submitting and receiving documents for the issue of temporary residence permit to the immigration authorities for the presence of the client signing of certain documents required.

To obtain travel documents for permanent residence in Ukraine, the Customer must be present at the time of the passport to the immigration authorities (submission of documents in the early departure of registration procedures for permanent residence can be a proxy). Thus, some of the procedures provide for the presence of the Client, in certain instances, regardless of the presence of the power of attorney to the lawyer.

The question is relevant in particular for clients-foreigners who are going to issue a residence permit in Ukraine, but located abroad or clients - citizens of Ukraine, who travel to relocate to another country, and at the beginning of documentation procedures for departure for permanent residence are beyond abroad.

If you are abroad, and you are not able to issue a power of attorney with a notary in Ukraine you are interested in specific terms of service provision, you can contact the Embassy of Ukraine in the country of residence and place where the power of attorney, which will be on the territory of Ukraine have the same effect as notarized power of attorney of Ukraine.

Pay attention to the important nuances concerning the power of attorney issued abroad. In addition to the general requirements established for the notarized power of attorney (. Including on the issuing date, place, duration, etc.), the power of attorney issued by the Ukrainian Embassy in your country of residence must meet the following requirements:
  • made up in the Ukrainian language;
  • You should specify the full details of its internal passport, as well as the data of the internal passport of the person in whose name the power of attorney is issued.