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Business registration in Ukraine

How to open a business for a foreigner in Ukraine? Registration of LLC as a foreign citizen – the process is quite painstaking and requires compliance with all legal and legislative subtleties and any mistake can result in a significant amount of fine.

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How to open a business for a foreigner in Ukraine?

The question is relevant for many foreigners who decide to move to Ukraine. Registration of an LLC (limited liability company, LLC) by a foreign citizen is a rather laborious process and requires compliance with all legal and legislative subtleties, and any mistake can result in a significant amount of fine. To start a business in Ukraine, a non-resident will need to get a tax number, draw up constituent documents, notarizing them, register an LLC, make a seal of the company and choose a tax system.

Stages of opening an LLC for a foreigner

The founder of LLC a foreign citizen must choose the name of his future company, have a citizen of Ukraine or a resident of Ukraine, who will be the Director, as well as choose the types of activities that he plans to conduct his business in Ukraine. In addition, after registering a company in Ukraine, a foreigner should remember that even if the company does not conduct economic activities for the first time, this does not exempt a foreigner from making tax reports (even with 0 profit) and paying other taxes, such as ESN and personal income tax on their employees. Also, the registration of the EPO by a foreign founder may be the basis for the founder to obtain a work permit for 3 years and obtain a residence permit. You can also order a set of these services from the ARTEN law firm.

Registration of LLC for a foreigner takes up to 5 working days, including registration of TIN for a foreigner, preparation of constituent documents and registration itself.

For all questions of registration of a company in Ukraine with a foreign founder, you can contact the lawyers and lawyers of the law firm ARTEN.

List of documents and data,
Required to obtain registration of LLC for a foreign citizen:

# Document Provides the client Provides the client Prepares the client Prepared by our lawyers Prepared by our lawyers We
1 Form 1
2 Notarized Charter
3 Founder's decision on notarized form
4 Passport translation
5 Tax number of a citizen of Ukraine
6 Director's Passport details
7 Individual name of LLC
8 Scope of activity of LLC
9 LLC Contacts
10 Share capital

Prices and terms

Cost of business registration by a foreign citizen:

# Service Terms Terms Terms Cost Cost Cost
1 Preparation of constituent documents and registration of LLC 2 w. d. 2000 UAH
2 Notarization of constituent documents and power of attorney 1 w. d. 1600 UAH
3 Legal address (6 months) 1 w. d. 4500 UAH
4 Making stamp 1 w. d. 400 UAH
5 Notarization of passport translation 1 w. d. 400 UAH
Additional services:
1 Provision of nominee Director services (2-3 weeks, until work permit is obtained) 1 w. d. 5500 UAH
2 Change of Director 2 w. d. 3650 UAH
3 Registration of TIN (individual tax number) 3 w. d. 1050 UAH
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