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Permanent residence permit in Ukraine

A permanent residence permit is issued by a person who is leaving for permanent residence (permanent residence) in another country. A permanent residence permit certifies the identity of the person in the country of residence and is a confirmation of a lawful permanent (does not expire) in the country of residence.

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The consequence of the acceleration of migration processes in the world is to increase the number of citizens' movements between countries in order to change the permanent residence (permanent residence). No exception is Ukraine, on the territory inhabited by foreigners who arrived here on a permanent and, accordingly, received permanent residence in Ukraine.

In turn, Ukrainian citizens are leaving the country and with the purpose of departure for permanent residence abroad (departure procedure for permanent residence in Ukraine also has features). In a particular case, a citizen of any country when leaving for permanent residence abroad need to pass the legalization process in the country settlement - to obtain a permanent residence permit in this country.

A permanent residence permit - This identity document which confirms the legal residence of foreign nationals and stateless persons in the territory of a particular country.

In Ukraine, such a document is issued in the form of a permanent residence permit, issued in the presence of certain bases and gives the right of an alien or a stateless person permanently stay on the territory of Ukraine.

Grounds for obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine

The key point in the receiving a permanent residence permit is to obtain an immigration permit (if the foreigner stays outside of Ukraine), which is issued in accordance with the established legislation of Ukraine quotas for certain exceptions.

The category of immigrants for whom a quota is established include:
  • necessary for the country of culture and science, as well as those who invested in the state's economy at least 100 thousand. USD
  • parents, spouse and minor children of an immigrant
  • brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, granddaughter citizen of our country
  • persons who were previously Ukrainian citizens
  • refugees and persons granted asylum (after 3 years of residence)
  • victims of trafficking (after 3 years of the establishment of the status)

The category of immigrants who are granted permission to immigrate outside the immigration quota, include:
  • one of the spouses if the other spouse, with whom he was married for more than two years old, a citizen of Ukraine
  • children and parents of Ukrainian citizens
  • persons having the right to acquire Ukrainian citizenship on the territorial origin (for details see Article 8 "On Citizenship" Act)
  • persons who are guardians or trustees of citizens of Ukraine, or are under the care or custody of the citizens of Ukraine
  • persons whose immigration is of state interest for Ukraine
  • foreign Ukrainians, the spouse of foreign Ukrainians, their children in the event of their total entry and stay on the territory of Ukraine

Procedure for registration of Permanent residence Permit in Ukraine

Obtaining a permanent residence permit is carried out in 4 stages:

Submission of documents to the migration authorities
Obtaining immigration permit
Obtaining a d-01 visa at the Embassy of Ukraine
Biometric permanent residence permit Photography

Company services for obtaining a permanent residence permit

If you fall under any of the above categories of persons entitled to the receiving of a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, the Company will provide you with the following services:
  • Consultation on all the key issues related to the process of your permanent residence permit
  • preparation and submission of documents required for the your permanent residence permit, the migration service bodies (the entire process of tracking)
  • help at some stage of the procedure your permanent residence permit, in which the customer had difficulties

The list of documents,
required to obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine

# Document Provides client Provides client Provides client Prepare our lawyers Prepare our lawyers We
1 Applying for a permanent residence permit (standard pattern)
2 Application for permission to immigrate (standard pattern)
3 Original passport or identity document
4 A copy of the passport or identity document
5 Notarized translation of passport or identity document, personal data
6 Document about the place of residence of the foreigner abroad
7 Sheet of family members, copy (notarized with Ukrainian translation), marriage certificate (if the applicant is married)
8 The document (medical certificate) that the person does not suffer from chronic alcoholism, substance abuse, drug addiction or infectious diseases, the list of which is determined by the central body of executive power, which ensures the formation of the state in the field of health policy. Exception: the spouses of citizens of Ukraine (if the marriage lasts more than two years), children and parents of Ukrainian citizens, persons who have the right to acquire the citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin
9 Certificate of no criminal record in the country of citizenship, if the applicant is permanently residing outside Ukraine
10 A document confirming the ownership of the premises in which the place of residence of the applicant is registered (the original and a notarized copy)
11 Depending on the immigrant category is necessary to provide the relevant document, which is the basis for registration of permanent residence (after consulting the lawyer will tell)
12 The application of all owners of premises in the applicant's registration in the residential area (notarized)
13 Original passport dwelling owners
14 Receipt of payment of state fees
15 Color photographs size 3.5x4.5 based on matt (7 pcs.)
16 A copy of the certificate issued by the tax authority of the identification number (if any)
17 Power of attorney with permission to process personal data of a foreigner and the right to sign

The documents can be modified, depending on the grounds for obtaining a permanent residence permit.

Prices and terms

Cost of legal support when submitting documents 3500 uah
Due date 3 w.d.
The price includes legal advice in obtaining an immigration permit, preparation of a package of documents, state fee, legal support for filing documents
Full service cost 12000 uah
Due date up to 12 months
The cost of the expedited procedure for obtaining a permanent residence permit - by agreement.
We guarantee that the result of Our services you receive will meet your expectations and legal requirements. Our lawyers work for your comfort.

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Permanent residence permit in Ukraine