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Accompanying services

Receipt of clean record certificate in Ukraine

Clean record certificate – is a document that contains information about the presence or absence of a criminal record in Ukraine.

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Registration of a certificate of absence of corruption offenses

Arten law firm will provide full support and assistance with getting certificate of corruption.

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Apostille on documents

Apostille is the seal that is affixed to official documents to prove the legality of the stamp and signature of the acting person who signed Your document.

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Legalization of documents in Ukraine

Legalization procedure, giving legal force to documents outside of Ukraine.

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Notarized translation of documents

"Arten" law firm provides translation services of documents of different complexity.

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Registration of a place of residence in Ukraine (Registration in Kiev)

In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, all citizens who live on the territory of Ukraine must be registered at their place of residence.

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Registration of marriage in Ukraine

Marriage is a legally registered Union between a man and a woman in the bodies of registration of acts of civil status.

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Business accounting services in Ukraine

The first thing to understand is that accounting services for a company is not a separate service, but a whole complex aimed at solving business problems. Professionals who work in our company will help you avoid most of the mistakes that regular employees often make.

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Apostille In Kiev or legalization of documents?

All those who dealt with the procedure of registration of documents abroad, faced with the question of confirming the legitimacy of documents issued on the territory of Ukraine. Legitimation can be both legalization of documents and apostille, it all depends on the country for which the documents are prepared. Consider the main differences.

Consular legalization

Consular legalization Procedure is provided for all countries that have not signed the Hague Convention abolishing the requirement of legalization of foreign official documents of October 5, 1961, as well as in the absence of bilateral treaties on legal assistance. To learn more about the list of countries that require the legalization of Ukrainian documents, you can use our service on the link: Apostille Kiev.

Legalization of documents in Ukraine (Kiev) takes place in 5 stages: affixing the seal of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, affixing the seal of the Ministry of FOREIGN Affairs, translation of documents, affixing the seal of the MINISTRY of foreign Affairs to a notarized translation of documents and seal of the Consulate of the country in Ukraine. There are countries in which the last stage - certification of the document with the seal of the Consulate, takes place in a special way. For example, the Consulate of Lebanon in Ukraine, under the legalization of the Ukrainian marriage certificate implies the issuance of a Separate Lebanese certificate. Usually the period of legalization of documents in Ukraine is about 10 working days.

For legalization of the documents must:
  • passport copy
  • document original
  • a power of attorney on representation of interests


Countries that have signed the Hague Convention a list of them can be found at Apostille Kiev cancel the above procedure of legalization of documents and introduce a simplified system – apostille of documents (apostille of documents). Apostille on documents is affixing of the same type, stipulated by Treaty countries, stamp which certifies the seal and the signature of the person authorized to sign the official document of the state.

< strong>Apostille of documents Kiev< / strong> put down various bodies. So, for example, the apostille of the diploma is put down in the Ministry of education, the apostille on the birth certificate is issued in the Ministry of justice, and the apostille on the police clearance certificate – in the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Once you have been able to put an apostille on the documents, you can make a legal translation of these documents on the territory of Ukraine. There are features of apostilling documents issued in the ATO zone and Crimea. Apostille on the diploma of Donetsk University (if the University is not transferred to the territory controlled by Ukraine) is not affixed, a certificate of the 1st category is issued, which subsequently can also be apostilled. Thus, goes the apostille of the diploma of Kiev on uncontrolled territories. You can apostille Kiev urgently and regularly.

Without apostille and legalization

Countries that have signed the Minsk agreement, as well as countries that have signed 2-party agreements with Ukraine accept documents without legalization stamps and apostille, only need notarization of the translation.

Below is a table of the most popular countries and their requirements for legalization of documents.
Translation only Apostille needed Legalization required
Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic Australia, Austria, Albania, Belgium, Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Israel, India, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Mexico, Moldavia, Monaco, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Republic Of Korea, Turkey, United States of America, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, SA, Japan OAU, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Kuwait, China, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Canada, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Uruguay, Chile, Qatar, Brazil, Bolivia, Iran, Syria, Tai WAN