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Ukraine citizenship

Obtaining citizenship of Ukraine

Foreigners, as well as stateless persons who do not have grounds for acquiring Ukrainian citizenship by right of blood, or by right of territorial origin, can obtain Ukrainian citizenship.

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Citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin

One of the grounds for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship under Ukrainian law is territorial origin. In addition, this basis is one of the most common grounds for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship.

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Confirmation of the child's citizenship

The child can be registered as a citizen of Ukraine if he was born in Ukraine and his parents is a citizen of Ukraine and foreigner, or both parents are foreigners.

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Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship

In recent years, migration processes in the world are increasing due to a number of reasons, the main ones are: the movement of citizens to other countries in connection with professional activities, moving for family reasons, registration of marriage with a citizen of another country, etc. Since the acquisition of a person's citizenship provides a number of advantages for living in this country, in the future there is the question of registration of citizenship of this country.

Obtaining citizenship of Ukraine is one of the main and, at the same time, the most difficult ways to legalize foreign citizens on the territory of Ukraine.

How to obtain Ukrainian citizenship?

The list of grounds for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine is written in the legislation of Ukraine. Such grounds include, in particular, obtaining citizenship of Ukraine:
  • upon birth
  • by territorial origin
  • due to citizenship
  • as a result of the establishment of custody of a person who is recognized by the court as incapable
  • as a result of recognition of paternity or maternity or establishment of paternity or maternity
  • due to the stay in the citizenship of one or both parents of the child
  • upon adoption or guardianship
  • due to the restoration of citizenship of Ukraine, as well as on a number of other grounds

The presence in the legislation of Ukraine of different grounds for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine gives maximum opportunities to foreigners and stateless persons under certain conditions to obtain citizenship of Ukraine. However, each stage of the procedure of obtaining citizenship of Ukraine has certain features and difficulties, the solution of which requires the involvement of a specialist in this field of services.

The Company's Services for obtaining the citizenship of Ukraine

Our Company is ready to provide customer support at all stages until citizenship of Ukraine, in particular:
  • provide advice on obtaining citizenship of Ukraine
  • prepare a package of documents required for registration of citizenship of Ukraine
  • submit documents to the appropriate authority for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine by the client
  • help at a certain stage of the procedure where the client has difficulties