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Reclamation of documents in the Ministry of Justice

Arten’s lawyers will help you to get: Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Name Change Certificate, Death Certificate, and to duplicate or extract these documents quickly and no problem.

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The Ministry of justice of Ukraine in the person of the Department of state registration of acts of civil status (rags) issue various certificates: birth, death, marriage, divorce, name change, as well as all sorts of extensions (change of name, birth, etc.). In case of loss, damage or need to obtain such a document for the first time, it is necessary to contact the relevant authority of the rags.

Also, the request for a duplicate of the certificate is relevant in case of the need to affix an apostille on the document or undergo the legalization procedure. The rules of apostille are established that a document whose validity shall be certified by the seal of the apostille, must be a "new" model without errors, typographical errors, lamination, etc. If the document is "old" (up to 24.08.1991 year of issuance) of the sample can be apostilled through a notarial copy in all other cases, recovery certificates of the new sample.

Our lawyers will save you from all the hassle of reclamation of the certificate, obtaining the extract or duplicate.

List of documents required for:
Obtain duplicate certificate / pull

# Required documents Provides client Provides client Provides client Prepared by our lawyers Prepared by our lawyers We
1 Ukrainian Passport / International Passport
2 Copy or data of the relevant certificate to be requested
3 Notarial power of attorney
4 Receipt of payment of the state fee

Cost and duration of legal aid for:
Obtaining a duplicate of the certificate / extract

Reclamation of the certificate issued in Kiev, the zone of OOS (ATO) or Crimea

Processing time within 1 day 1400 UAH
Processing time 1-2 w.d. 900 UAH
Term of registration 5 w.d. 410 UAH

Reclamation of the certificate issued in Kiev or other region

Term of registration is 3-5 working days. 950 UAH
Processing time 7-10 w.d. 750 UAH

Pull receipt

Processing time within 1 day 1700 UAH
Processing time 1-2 w.d. 1200 UAH
Term of registration 5 w.d. 710 UAH
* The price is specified taking into account all state payments and without registration of the notarial power of attorney.

We guarantee that the result of Our services obtained by you will meet your expectations and legal requirements at 100%.

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 Birth certificate in Ukraine