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Reviews of some customers

who have asked us for the last time

Third year living and working in Ukraine. Each year you need to renew a residence permit. From the first year when I came to Ukraine a residence permit issued in the company. Now every year renewable residence permit and services appeal to this group. The quality of services and the price I was very satisfied.

- O. Faruk

I use the services of the ARTEN Law Firm at registration permits for the employment of foreigners. As a result of their service in this matter I was completely satisfied, he turned to them and help in resolving the dispute between my firm and tax. With their help, we managed to resolve the dispute in my favor. Thank you for your help.

- Paul G.

A year ago, to employ foreigners, know that this is necessary to obtain a special permit. On the advice of my accountant I applied for such authorization in "Arten". The firm's lawyers have helped to obtain a work permit to a foreigner, at the same time immediately ordered their execution of a temporary residence permit. Service was satisfied, he turned again to the company for the extension of a work permit and a residence permit.

- Alexander

In 2014, leaving his wife to relocate to Italy, it was necessary to draw up the documents for departure from Ukraine. First they tried on their own, but obstacles on the part of the migration service convinced us to address to experts. Familiar lawyer advised Irina Savchenko (Arten Law Firm). She is a professional in this matter, all made at the stipulated time and at a cost below the market average. All were satisfied.

- Sergei and Irina Kravchenko