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Residence permit in Ukraine for 3 years for business

Comprehensive legal support in the preparation of documents for business registration and legalization of foreign citizens in Ukraine .

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During the period of European integration, the government of Ukraine creates an increasingly optimal climate for registration and conduct of business activities for foreign citizens who actively fill the Ukrainian expanses and thereby create jobs for the citizens of Ukraine. It is at this stage that the question of proper legal support in the preparation of documents for business registration and legalization of foreign citizens and stateless persons in Ukraine arises.

    Ukraine has all the basic resources for doing business, namely:
  • optimal transport interchange due to proximity to European and Asian countries
  • able-bodied workforce
  • optimal tax reduction
  • creation of free economic zones
  • ecological climate for creating alternative energy

But for foreigners there are some pitfalls that arise in the preparation of documents for business. A foreign citizen can register an enterprise being legally on the territory of Ukraine and simply on a foreign passport.

At the time of formation of a legal entity, a foreigner must prepare a business plan of his economic activity, according to the legislation of Ukraine, and choose the name of his company, that it was individual and had no analogues in the register of legal entities of Ukraine. Founding a company, a foreign citizen ceases only the founder of the company. Director, according to the law, should be only a citizen of Ukraine, or a foreigner who is a resident of Ukraine (has a permanent residence permit).

Business registration in Ukraine enables a foreigner to legalize himself / herself by obtaining a temporary residence permit on the basis of a work permit. That would be a foreign citizen began to perform their functions and management of the company, he needs to obtain a work permit for the position of Director, or other position for which he claims. After registration in the employment center of a work permit, he can safely begin to perform their functions in the enterprise.

If a foreigner wants to obtain a temporary residence permit, he needs to leave the territory of Ukraine and obtain a visa "D 04" at the Embassy of Ukraine on the basis of a work permit and return to Ukraine for photographing on a biometric temporary residence permit. For countries with which Ukraine has signed a bilateral agreement, you just need to make the procedure of exit entry after the Foundation, in order to change the purpose of entry from tourist (guest) to employee (businessman). Visa type D, for these countries do not need.

    Countries that have signed a bilateral agreement with Ukraine:
  • Republic of Belarus
  • Republic of Moldova
  • Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Georgia
  • Armenia
  • Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Russian Federation

Visa type D, these countries do not need.

The business registration Procedure will include several stages:

  • Get identification number
  • Official registration of the enterprise in usro of Ukraine
  • The visa of type D 13 at the Embassy of Ukraine in / check-out - check-in for the countries listed above
  • Temporary residence permit in Ukraine

List of documents from a foreigner
for business registration and legalization in Ukraine

# Document Provides client Provides client Prepares client Prepared by our lawyers Prepared by our lawyers We
1 Individual company name
2 Original passport or identity document
3 1 photo 3.5 X 4.5 cm on matte sheet
4 Copy of passport and tax number of Ukrainian citizen who will become Director at the time of company registration
5 The activities of the company, or sphere of activity
6 Power of attorney from notary
7 Power of attorney from the company for employment permit
8 Draft employment contract (s)
9 Application for employment permit
10 Charter, meeting minutes
11 Application for registration of a legal entity - Form 1
12 Legal entity lease/sublease agreement

Prices and terms

The cost of designing each stage of the procedure:

# Service For 1 year For 1 year For 1 year For 3 year For 3 year For 3 year
1 Translation design (3 pcs.) 1140 UAH 1140 UAH
2 Getting your ID 1050 UAH 1050 UAH
3 Preparation of constituent documents for notary actions 1000 UAH 1000 UAH
4 Business address (for 6 months) 4500 UAH 4500 UAH
5 Notary costs 1600 UAH 1600 UAH
6 Company registration in USREOU 1000 UAH 1000 UAH
7 Obtaining the company seal 400 UAH 400 UAH
8 Employment permit processing 3000 UAH 5800 UAH
9 Payment of state fee 8600 UAH 12800 UAH
10 Temporary residence permit 5450 UAH 7450 UAH
11 Health insurance policy 600 UAH 1800 UAH
12 Residence registration 6500 UAH 15000 UAH
13 Submission of an employment contract (contract) to the employment center 500 UAH 500 UAH
The total cost of paperwork 35340 UAH 54040 UAH
Price when ordering a complex of services 31600 UAH 49600 UAH
The procedure of business registration and legalization of a foreigner on a turnkey basis takes up to 2 months.
We guarantee that the result of Our services will meet Your expectations and legal requirements.

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