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Driving license

Obtaining driving license: first time, replacing, restoring. International driving permit. Technical Passport for the car.

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In 2018 in Ukraine changed the order of registration driver's licenses. At the moment there are 2 types of driving permits: national and international. A National driver's license is issued for the first time for a period of 2 years. If for 2 years the driver has no more than 2 administrative offenses of traffic regulations, the driver's license is subject to replacement for the new term for 30 years without additional passing of examinations. If the offense 3 or more, then when replacing the driver's license must take an additional theoretical and practical exam. This rule does not apply to the replacement of the old driver's license with a new model or in connection with the change of name or surname, as well as the restoration of the driver's license in case of loss. In this case, the driver's license is issued immediately for 30 years. National driving license is considered to be "European" rights, because it is issued in accordance with the international Convention signed by the EU countries. That is, drivers who have issued a new sample driver's license, can freely drive a car in Europe, as well as rent a car.

The International driving permit is an addition to the national driving license which contains additional translations. These driving licenses are issued only in the presence of the new sample of the national driving license and the passport for departure abroad.

Arten law firm will help you to understand all the intricacies of registration driver's license, as well as technical passport on the car.

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Driving license

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Technical Passport for the car

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