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Services in the field of migration and tax law

Residence permit in Ukraine for 3 years for business

Comprehensive legal support in the preparation of documents for business registration and legalization of foreign citizens in Ukraine.

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Registration of temporary residence permit in Ukraine

The temporary residence permit is issued in the prescribed manner and is a confirmation of legal age (1 year term) stay of foreign citizens and stateless persons on the territory of Ukraine.

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Pasting a photo in the passport of a citizen of Ukraine

Help you quickly and without queues paste photo in passport achievement 25, 45.

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Obtaining a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for the first time

With us, You can get full legal support and issue passport of Ukraine (ID-passport) for the first time.

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Making a permanent residence permit in Ukraine

A permanent residence permit is issued by a person who is leaving for permanent residence (permanent residence) in another country. A permanent residence permit certifies the identity of the person in the country of residence and is a confirmation of a lawful permanent (does not expire) in the country of residence.

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Replacement of passport of citizen of Ukraine

Arten law firm will help You replace passport by changing the name, in case of unsuitability for use quickly and without problems.

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