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About our company

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ARTEN Law Firm is working to protect your interests and solve your problems. The company more than 6 years successfully provides services in the legal market. Lawyers have extensive experience in a variety of structures, including in the banking sector, as well as the experience of over 20 years in the investigative and operational subdivisions of the Security Service and the Interior Ministry, which is one of the main advantages and benefits of the Company.

In spite of the considerable experience of lawyers of our Company in a variety of ways, in particular, economic, family, land, criminal law, we have decided to opt for a few areas of services, to bring them to perfection to provide.

A distinctive feature of the company is the specialization of services, namely:
  • services in the field of tax law;
  • services in the field of migration law.

Thanks to the release of the key areas of our business, we are able to concentrate on issues arising at you in a certain area, and with maximum efficiency to assist you in solving them.

When determining the directions of the Company's operations, we were guided by the principle of "Everyone should do what he can, and do it well." In the list of services of our company, you will get acquainted with the fact that lawyers are able to perfect our company.