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Replacement of passport of citizen of Ukraine

Arten law firm will help You replace passport by changing the name, in case of unsuitability for use quickly and without problems.

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Replacement of the internal passport of the citizen of Ukraine is carried out in the following cases:
  • unsuitability of passport to use (damaged passport)
  • change of personal data of a citizen-name, surname, patronymic; refusal of TIN or receipt of TIN (for ID card)
  • identification of errors in the personal data of the citizen, the date or place of birth, as well as violations of the order of registration of the passport (pasting a photo in the passport of the old sample to the age, the issuance of the passport of the old sample to the 16th anniversary, ID card)
  • replacing the passport of the old sample on the ID card when reaching the 25th and 45th anniversary (optional)

Each base for replacement of your passport means various packages of documents. Law firm "Arten" will help you to understand the procedure passport replacement citizen of Ukraine (on the ID card), timely prepare all the documents and minimize the time of this procedure, and always have a reliable lawyer.

List of documents required for:
replacement of passport of Ukraine

# Required documents Provides client Provides client Prepares client Prepared by our lawyers Prepared by our lawyers We
1 Internal passport of Ukrainian citizen
2 A document that is the basis for the replacement of the passport (in case of change of personal data)
3 The documents concerning the marital status of the citizen
4 Citizen's birth certificate
5 Identification code
(maybe issued by ARTEN)
6 The certificate of registration of place of residence
(can be obtained in the company ARTEN)
# Additional documents Provides client Provides client Prepares client Prepared by our lawyers Prepared by our lawyers We
1 Reference of the immigrant (for immigrants)
(it is Possible to issue in the ARTEN company)

Cost and time of legal assistance at:

Replacement of passport of Ukraine

The period of registration 20 w.d. 1999 UAH
Deadline 10 w.d. 3499 UAH
* Prices are for citizens registered in Kyiv and in the ATO area/Crimea. The price for citizens registered in the Kiev region and other regions, specify.

We guarantee that the result of our services received by you will meet your expectations and legislative requirements by 100%.

Specialist to replace the passport of Ukraine

Passport of citizen of Ukraine ID-card