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Extension of stay in Ukraine, a foreign citizen

The grounds on which a foreigner is on the territory of Ukraine, define the stay of a foreigner in Ukraine. If necessary, this period may be extended.

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The grounds on which a foreigner is on the territory of Ukraine, define the stay of a foreigner in Ukraine :

  • for citizens of countries with visa procedure of entry to Ukraine stay in Ukraine is determined by the validity of the visa (transit, short-term, long-term visa)
  • for citizens of countries with visa-free entry to Ukraine orders of stay in Ukraine is limited to 90 days within 180 days from the date of first entry

The list of grounds for extending the stay of foreigners in Ukraine

  • on short-term visas, as well as citizens from countries with visa-free entry for good cause (medication, pregnancy or childbirth, caring for a sick family member, probate, the application for a permit for immigration and acquisition of citizenship of Ukraine, on duty a foreign correspondent or representative of the foreign media, etc.) and subject to the submission of supporting documents - the period of existence of such grounds, but not more than 180 days from the date of the last entry in Ukraine
  • transit visas in the case of forced stop on the territory of Ukraine in connection with emergencies (natural disasters, illness, vehicle repairs, and the like) in the presence of a document confirming the cause and duration of the forced stop, - for the period necessary to eliminate such circumstances
  • for long-term visa, if during the period of validity of visas for legitimate reasons not issued a permanent or temporary residence, subject to the submission of supporting documents - for a period not exceeding one month

Applications for extension of stay in Ukraine served foreigners and stateless persons and the receiving party not earlier than ten and no later than three working days prior to the expiration of such term in the territorial bodies or departments HMS

Services Company to extend the term of stay of a foreigner in Ukraine:

  • free consultation
  • collection of documents
  • submission of documents and representation of clients in the relevant bodies

The list of documents required for extension of stay of foreign citizens in Ukraine

# Document Provides client Provides client Provides client Prepare our lawyers Prepare our lawyers We
1 Application (set of images for the host - a legal entity or natural person)
2 Passport or alien identification document without citizenship
3 A copy of your passport or alien's identity documents stateless, with personal data, visa (if any) and registration mark and / or a copy of the immigration card (if available)
4 Notarized translation into Ukrainian passport pages foreigner or identity document of a stateless, with personal data
5 Passport (original and copy) of the receiving side of a natural person or a passport (original and copy) of the head or authorized person of the host country - legal entity
6 A copy of the appointment of the authorized person for the host country - legal entity
7 Extract from the USR for the host country - legal entity
8 Document confirming the availability of financial security to cover the costs of stay of foreigners and stateless persons on the territory of Ukraine
9 Original and copy of title document for housing, which is granted to a foreigner and a stateless person to stay (upon presentation of returns) and a copy of it. If a house does not belong to the receiving side, - a written consent of the owner (co-owner) of property
10 Photos foreigner size 3.5x4.5 cm. (4 pcs.)
11 Receipt of the state duty for extension of stay

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The cost of a full range of services 1500 UAH
Period of execution 5 - 15 days
We ensure that you received the results of our services will meet your expectations and legislative requirements by 100%.

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Extension of stay in Ukraine