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Registration of a certificate of absence of corruption offenses

Arten law firm will provide full support and assistance with getting certificate of corruption.

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The reference about absence of corruption offenses (the reference about corruption) represents excerpt from the unified state register of the persons who made corruption offenses.

The data document is necessary for persons involved in tender procedures and public procurement, as well as persons who apply for positions of public and local administration, associated with high corruption risk.

Issue of certificates on corruption is made by territorial administrations of justice in time from 5 to 7 working days in the presence at the applicant of a certain package of documents.

Arten law firm with pleasure will provide you full consultation on all questions of registration of the reference on absence of corruption offenses concerning you and will help to receive it quickly and without excess troubles.

Documents required
for corruption inquiry:

# Document Provides client Provides client Prepares client Prepared by our lawyers Prepared by our lawyers We
1 Special check Request
2 Consent to special verification
3 Passport copy

Prices and terms

Deadline (day to day)
Order before 13:00 / Issue after 17:40
1500 UAH
Deadline (1 w. d.) 940 UAH
Due date (2 w. d.) 790 UAH
We guarantee that the result of our services received by you will meet your expectations and legal requirements by 100%.

If the result of the test will identify the presence of corruption offenses, the period of registration of the certificates may be delayed to clarify all the data.

Specialist in registration of certificates of corruption

Certificate of absence of corruption offenses