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Certificate of resettlement (immigrant status)

Registration of the migrant's reference and
obtaining the status of the internal migrant.

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In spite of the fact that the situation with internal resettlement in Ukraine arose in 2014, few people from immigrants understand what is the reference of the immigrant, what pluses and minuses of obtaining the status of the immigrant.

The certificate of the immigrant is the document which confirms the fact of internal resettlement and registration of the person who underwent internal resettlement. Ukrainian citizens who lived in the occupied territory at the time of occurrence of the circumstances that caused the internal displacement May – June 2014 may receive a certificate of the immigrant. Note that the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea by law is considered an integral part of Ukraine and since it does not occur fighting, it is not considered occupied, so the citizens of Ukraine registered in the Crimea have the right to obtain a certificate of the immigrant in the case of their movement to mainland Ukraine, but no public authorities or private entities can not require them to provide a certificate of

IDP certificate is obligatory to obtain in case the person wants to receive government assistance on internal displacement, assistance with housing, medical care, and in some situations, outside the public sector – open a Bank account, car re-registration, obtaining a passport, gluing photos in passport, etc. For free receipt of the certificate of the immigrant a number of circumstances have to be observed: registration of the residence, in case of its absence – the proof of actual residence in the occupied territory, the valid passport document, the absence of real estate not in the occupied territory, etc. If any of the provisions of the legislation is violated, You can be refused receipt of the certificate of the immigrant with entering of this fact into a single database.

Arten law firm will gladly help you to understand the procedure of obtaining the status of the immigrant, the need to obtain a certificate of the immigrant, and will help to prepare all the necessary documents.

List of documents required to obtain
IDP reference

# Document Provides client Provides client Prepares client Prepared by our lawyers Prepared by our lawyers We
1 Ukrainian passport (birth certificate for children)
2 Identification code
3 Documents confirming accommodation in the territory of anti-terrorist operation zone in 2014 (if in the civil passport there is no registration)

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Certificate of resettlement in Ukraine (immigrant status)