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Company registration in Bulgaria

How to open a business for a foreigner in Bulgaria? Registration of an LLC by a foreign citizen is a rather painstaking process and requires compliance with all legal and legislative subtleties, and any mistake can result in a significant fine.

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Company registration in Bulgaria

Choosing a jurisdiction where you can start a business in Europe? It is not necessary to consider Italy, Germany or France, where everything is very expensive and significant capital investments will be required already at the first stage.

All conditions for investment have been created in Bulgaria. Companies that are engaged in finance and high technology are especially in demand. They are opened by both residents and non-residents. They are attracted by this promising business and tourist center in the south of Europe, a favorable climate and a welcoming atmosphere in general.

In addition, office rentals and utilities are relatively inexpensive in Bulgaria. State benefits are provided for many sectors of the economy. This is, for example, technology or education.

Bulgaria has strong cultural and economic ties with many regions.

It will not be difficult to open a company in Bulgaria, there is a minimum of bureaucracy! Entrepreneurial activity here is encouraged by the authorities. Even if you are in another country, you can still do business in Bulgaria. And the costs of doing business, taxes are lower here than in other EU countries.

That is why our clients often prefer Bulgaria to start a business in Europe. In any case, we are ready to provide you with advice so that you have the opportunity to compare several countries with each other.

The main advantages of opening a company in Bulgaria are the following:

  • entrepreneurial activity in the EU;
  • access to markets of other EU countries;
  • availability of branches of leading international banks;
  • stability of the political course, economic system and currency;
  • loyalty of the state to doing business by non-residents;
  • opportunity to obtain a residence permit;
  • you can open a company in Bulgaria in 14 days;
  • ease of design;
  • moderate taxation of corporate profits – 10% rate;
  • loyal requirements for the size of the authorized capital – from 1 euro;
  • existence of a valid double taxation avoidance agreement;
  • freedom of capital movement.

Opening a company in Bulgaria. What do I need to know about this?

As in Ukraine, there are limited liability companies, joint-stock companies and private entrepreneurs in Bulgaria. It is necessary to choose the right form of ownership, having understood in detail how each of them functions.

How to register a company in Bulgaria?

    It is important to observe such formalities when registering:
  • submit identity documents (for individual entrepreneurs, if the founder is a legal entity, then properly executed corporate documents are submitted, if necessary with an apostille);
  • open a special account;
  • sign the Articles of Association of the company (if it is a joint stock company or a limited liability company).

Business in Bulgaria: joint stock company, limited liability company with several founders

The company name must be unique in any case. When registering a company in Bulgaria, it must be checked. There is a special registry for this.

If we are talking about the registration of a joint-stock company, then the minimum capital here is quite large: from 25,000 Euros. For beginners, this scheme is not very suitable, but for experienced businessmen it will be just right.

A limited liability company is distinguished by a simpler registration procedure compared to a joint-stock company. In addition, the size of the authorized capital when registering a company in Bulgaria in this case is minimal, and each participant is responsible only within the contributed share. Therefore, the risks in case of business failure are minimal here.

Stages of company registration in Bulgaria

    Those wishing to start a business in this country should:
  • select and reserve a name;
  • contribute the minimum authorized capital;
  • register for tax purposes with the relevant state authorities.

As you can see, everything is simpler than it seems. Within 2 weeks after submitting the documents, you will be able to start doing business in this European country.
Contact us, our lawyers will assist you in setting up a company in Bulgaria!

Prices and terms

The cost of registering a company in Bulgaria by a foreign citizen:

# Service Cost Cost Cost
1 Preparation of constituent documents and registration of the company (including payment of state fees) 450 euros
2 Opening a current account in a bank 300 euros
3 Registration of a company with the tax authorities (including obtaining VAT, VIES) 250 euros
The cost of opening a turnkey company 1000 euros
Additional services:
Work visa with address 750 euros
Accounting services per month 75 - 195 euros
Legal address of the company in Sofia for a period of 1 year 350 euros

The result of the work of our specialists is YOUR Company in Bulgaria, fully ready to operate!

During the company registration procedure, an English-speaking lawyer will be in touch with you, who will be able to answer all your questions.

Please note, we also provide accounting services to your company. You can read the terms and conditions in the corresponding section.

We guarantee that the result of Our services received by you will meet your expectations and legal requirements. Our lawyers work for your comfort.

Company registration specialist in Bulgaria

Company registration in Bulgaria